Fredrik Wallgren

Hello there!

My name is Fredrik Wallgren, I am a Swedish developer currently living in Skövde, Sweden where I run my company Sayon, and this is where I ramble on about various topics and gather my spare time projects.


When working on my own projects I use many different languages and techniques.

Favorite programming language right now?

Ruby. I guess it’s my go to language right now. I really like the elegance and the community.

Git or svn?

Git any day of the week.

Name a language you haven’t tried yet, but want to try out

Erlang is at the top of the list right now I think. It would also be fun to try some older languages like Eiffel or Ada. Objective-C and Go are also on the list, as is Lisp and Smalltalk.

The hard part is just to think of a non trivial project to exercise the language.

Can you make up any more of these silly questions right now?

No, as a matter of fact I can’t.